The Hard Thing Got Easy?! And the story behind Jocelin Dawn. 

The easy thing got hard.

The other day, I mentioned a minor annoyance that stifled my motivation. It annoyed me because it was disproportionately hard to do. Not a difficult task requiring thought, but simply an incredibly tough door handle.

It was hard, and yet, when I tried it this morning, it was easy! The same thing seems to happen with other things as well, so perhaps my approach to it was wrong. Perhaps I need to do the unnecessarily hard things, rather than wishing things were simpler.

Wishing is not an ideal state of being. Wishing is passive. Hoping is, too. Dreaming is a mix of passive and active. Seeing things vividly before you prepares you for the real thing. Dreaming creates. 

Hard things can get easy, but seemingly easy things can turn out to be hard, as well.

One example is my market garden. It’s easy in theory, if everything is in place, but with things out of place, or missing altogether, it instantly becomes nearly impossible. At least I’ve learned that everything needs to be in place for things to work. It’s like an engine. You can’t just expect it to run with pieces missing.

The Birth Of Jocelin Dawn

The mother of Jocelin Dawn is Dreamy. Dreamy was the name I previously went by. None of these names are my real name, but they are meaningful. Dreamy is the one who dreamed everything up. Not only that, she took action as well. She created this blog, a lasting romantic relationship, and a foundation for everything that Jocelin Dawn is, along with all my other previous selves. The previous selves were important, too, but I do believe that Dreamy is the one who really got things rolling and put the pieces together. 

Jocelin Dawn means Happy Daybreak. It’s not a meaning I consciously chose the name for. It just came to me in a dream, literally. Back then, I saw Jocelin as my higher self. I wasn’t ready to use the name yet. It took me about two years until I was ready to use this grand name. And it wasn’t until then that I looked up its meaning. 

Dreamy created Jocelin Dawn, the Happy Daybreak of my life. It’s exciting, knowing that my “day” is starting. It’s as if I’ve been incubating all this time, and now I’m finally ready to hatch. Coincidentally, it was just after finishing incubating and hatching duck eggs that I felt called upon to use this name.

Intuition is a big thing to me, which you might know if you’ve read my previous posts. Sometimes, the directions it takes me is so random I feel off track, but life never leaves you off track. 

You literally can’t be off track. Your life is your track. The notion of losing and finding it are good metaphors, but if you think back, you know that the “off track” times are really what shaped your “on track”. Hence, you were and are and will always be on track. No matter what you choose, it’s yours.

You may not enjoy the view or ride, but sooner or later, you’ll find views you enjoy. If you’re driving through darkness, you will eventually find your Daybreak. The night doesn’t last forever. For some people, nighs can be long, just like they are in winter times of the northern hemisphere, but in turn, the days are longer when the time arrives.

I don’t know how long my night lasted, but I suspect it was about most or all of my 20s so far. And I don’t know how long my day will last this time, but however long, I will take advantage of the sun and its healing rays. Photosynthesis for my soul.

To tie this post together, and reflect over why I put these two topics together (not planned, just happened)…….

Maybe Jocelin Dawn is here to make the things that previously were hard, easy. I don’t know if she is here to stay for good, but I am excited to see what she will accomplish. In my dream, she was a successful businesswoman. In reality, that is my goal.

I say goal instead of dream, because I’ve done the dreaming. I know from previous experience how to get from dream to reality, so there is no doubt in me that I can become a successful businesswoman, as long as I keep wanting to.

Just to clarify, I don’t have separate identities, but I like naming my transformations, my new selves. There is much more to say about the topic, but it’ll have to be another day.

Thank you for reading, and please drop a comment if my thoughts resonate with you. Do you have dreams that are overdue to turn into goals?

P.s. Here’s something to brighten up your day (cute ducklings):

Jocelin Dawn 

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