Stop Climbing The Same Mountain Over And Over Again!

Yesterday I went to get new duck eggs to hatch, expecting to get 15 eggs. Instead, I got 20 of them, at a more than 100% discount! My “egg dealer” was so nice, he sold me the eggs for about 1 dollar each. Where I am, they usually sell for the equivalent of about 3 dollars.

And these aren’t just any random eggs. They’re welsh harlequin eggs. Not one of the most common breeds.

Wish me luck now! I expect about 13-14 to hatch, as I managed to hatch 10/15 last time. In about 28 days, they will hatch, so stay tuned! The due date is the 15th of july, but they might start on the 27th.

Anyway, to the main topic of this post…

Have you ever feel like you keep climbing, and at times even feel accomplished, but then realize you’re walking in circles and climbing the same mountain over and over again?

You keep taking the path that goes back to where you come from, halfway up the mountain. Keep sliding down.

At least that’s how I feel.

Yesterday I wrote about my situation being difficult. There are many obstacles, but not within reason. Part of it is being micromanaged, but another, significant part is not “being allowed to” follow through with my money-making ideas. 

It’s something a kid would say, or a teenager, but when you live with your parents, you never become an adult. They don’t let you. 

While I don’t need anyone’s permission to do something, I don’t have the means to go get it myself. I don’t have a driver’s license, for instance, but that’s not all.

This lack does not come from within me though. There are simply too many forces around me gravitating towards a state of lack. Why? Don’t ask me. Either way, I must transform it into a state of abundance instead.

Everyone should have a growth mindset. Everyone should strive to gain, not lose. But that is not reality. Not my reality, at least. 

I told myself not to fool myself, and it’s time to wake up. Things won’t change. 

We live in a different place now, me and my family. On a farm. But instead of things getting better, they stay the same, or worsen. A pig is a pig no matter where it goes. At a fine dining, it’s still a pig, and a single duck around pigs won’t be able to express its fullest duck potential. Instead, it will adopt pig behavior.

Just using pigs as an example, not trying to insinuate anything. 

I’ve been wanting to leave just to get out of here, but I think I needed to stay. I needed to learn certain lessons, such as the one that’s creeping up on me right now.

I’ve been saying I want to inspire and motivate people to achieve greatness, but I must start with myself. 

Yesterday, as I wrote, I heard myself through Jocelin Dawn’s perspective (if you haven’t read the story behind her/me, here it is). I saw a person stuck in a rut and making excuses, naively thinking there’s a way to make it work.

Maybe that’s what makes people stay in abusive relationships. The more I write, the more I realize that I needed to learn this lesson. After all, how will I help people get out of unhelpful situations, if I don’t do it myself first? I have to have “been there, done that”. That’s how I’ll get stronger, and that’s how I’ll help others.

Everything starts with yourself, but that is not to say that you are the cause for the dysfunction around you. At least I don’t think you are if you’re reading this, but I could be wrong.

So, as my attempts to make my own money are continuously halted, I’ve made the tough decision to make an appointment with the public employment service. It stings to say, but at the time being, it’s probably the wisest thing I could do.

In times like this, I might not find a job, but I will get a small sum of money for trying. Welfare.

Though it might take a while until my appointment takes place, I have already started looking for jobs and writing applications on my own. In particular, I found a Content Writer job that seems like the perfect fit for me (a content writer/creator). So, wish me luck!

It feels a bit like I’m yet again embarking on a path that is selling my time, but this time, it might be the right thing to do. Because this time, I have a goal. Therefore, it’s not selling my time, but investing in my goal. While I’ve been reluctant to having a job in the past, I’ve come to realize that being a great employee will provide me with invaluable life and work experience. Therefore, I will not lose anything, but gain tons!

My main reason for coming to this conclusion, though, is my ducks. Wanting the best for them. I want to be able to provide them everything that they need, and more!

I have a goal, and that is to gather enough money to buy my own farm, where I can fulfill my visions. At this farm, that is not a likely possibility, unfortunately. Having things doesn’t really mean you have them. It might be yours materially, but if it’s not yours in spirit, is it really yours?

If I were to advise me as a client, I would tell me to do what I’m planning to – get a job and save up to get out and find a place where they can express their full self and reach their full potential. You can’t reach end-game if you stay in beginner town. 

You cannot stay in a place that doesn’t allow you to grow. It is absolutely detrimental. You’re fooling yourself if you think things will get better. If they haven’t already, they most likely won’t. But don’t worry, no matter how long you’ve been stuck, the universe is there, waiting for you to take the leap, at which point it will give you wings. You won’t get the wings prior to it, though.

Sometimes, you think you’ve taken the leap, only to find out there are bigger ones ahead of you. There’s always bigger things ahead of you, but if you stay at the place that doesn’t serve you, you will only see the first big thing, but it won’t come to you until you jump and try to fly.

Baby ducklings are braver than you are. Just look it up on YouTube. Let’s get braver than infant birds, ok? You can do it. I can do it. We can all do it, but not if we stay. 

Imagine a baby duckling staying at its nest for life. I don’t think so. It would die.

Ducklings can swim on their first try.

In our case, we don’t die if we stay where we are, at least not physically, but our souls will risk entering a state of dying. If we’re not resilient, our desire to change, as well as all our hope, might perish.

Don’t worry, if you’re here reading this, you are on the right path to greatness. Like attracts like. Be brave and take that leap. You most likely won’t die.

In one year, I will have both taken the leap and begun to prosper. Watch me. And do the same. We can do it! 100%.

There is not a doubt in my bones that I will succeed. But, and this is worth repeating many times (so many that it sticks), it will only happen if I leave the place that, not only doesn’t serve me, but also limits my growth. 

Yes, I’ve grown spiritually, because hardships do that to you. I do not deny that, but there is a limit to how much growth is possible in certain circumstances. 

Remember, if you keep making excuses, you will always climb the same mountain, and you’ll always wonder why you don’t get all the way up, or if you do, why you fall right back down. Be truthful to yourself. You only have one life. Be brave and climb new, bigger mountains. Keep trying.

Thank you for reading, and here is another (obligatory) lovely video of my ducklings:

Jocelin Dawn 

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