You Can’t Turn The Wrong People Into The Right People 

In astrology, my north node is in scorpio, with my south node in taurus. It means that I cling to possessions, crave wealth and want to amass as much as possible, just to feel secure and comfortable.

My scorpio north node needs freedom, spirituality and less reliance on possessions. It needs connections to deep universal mysteries and truths. To disconnect from the need of material security, to fully embrace satisfaction from within, through searching and finding; guiding and healing.

My sense of security must come from a web of interconnected minds. Minds that know everything deep inside, that are willing to discover it. 

Everything in the world can be discovered. We begin when we are little, by discovering what older children and adults know, but the more we grow up, the less we discover. It’s not because there’s nothing left – those who embark on that journey find marvelous things. They create wonders and miracles, things that shouldn’t be humanly possible. 

I’m not talking about just the traditional miracle makers. There’s also people like J.K. Rowling. Say what you want about her, but what she created has such depth and meaning, which I didn’t even know in the first few years of being a fan of Harry Potter. A lot of it I still don’t know.

It wasn’t until I studied the Golden Dawn and hermeticism a couple of years ago that I found out how much she has really put into it. 

But it’s not just that. It’s mainly that she had seemingly connected with a stream of collective consciousness. Well, everyone does to a certain degree, but not to that magnitude.

This post is a bit different from my usual ones. Blame it on the intense heat. 32°C.

All thoughts have meaning and purpose. We are all a product of our thoughts. Mine are intuitive and deliberate, albeit not free of flaws. I’ll dig deeper into that another day…

What have your thoughts made you? And more importantly, what will your current thoughts make of you? How can you change it?

The title I chose for this post means that if you’re surrounded by the wrong people, but have idealistic and wishful thoughts that they will change, you are fooling yourself. We must not fool ourselves. 

The wrong people don’t change – at least not for you. The right people will change for you, because the desire to do so comes from the inside. You cannot alter a person’s inner desires without knowing how to enter their minds. That is, in a deep and profound way. The way that love does, for instance. 

You cannot make someone love you. And remember, someone might love you, but still be unable to change. Family members is an example. They won’t change. In a new relationship, lovers might change as a reaction to the coupling, like a chemical reaction altering both elements. Note that I didn’t say “after years of marriage”.

Friendships aren’t usually that deep, but you might spend a lot of time with them. Choose them wisely. You are what your friends are. Like attracts like.

I’ve never been happy spending time with friends. On the contrary, it makes me less happy, due to my needs not being met. Surely, I didn’t meet their needs either, though.

Happiness comes from within, they say, but I believe there is a need for external stimulation. Maybe because I don’t like meditation. Jocelin Dawn does not meditate – she acts. 

My happiness came from my husband. Another result of a chemical reaction. Two people are better than one.

In business, you need the right people to achieve ultimate success. Your family or friends do not equal the right people. In fact, they are likely to be the wrong people. 

I have big goals, but my surroundings consist of the wrong people. Not making excuses, but one person alone cannot achieve what I want to. Especially not when being dragged down by others instead of uplifted. 

I need to let go of my need for material security, in order to prosper. In letting go of it, I will also be free of the wrong people – at least this set. Then, I need to embark on a journey to find the right people.

I’ve already found one – my husband. He lifts me up. Together, we come up with ideas greater than each on our own. Together, we prosper. But he is in Canada, while I’m in Europe.

Things are brewing towards the right direction, but I’m still very much incubating. Perhaps what I am now is but an embryo of what I will become. In fact, it better be! I’ll make sure it is.

If others can reach heights, so can I. If others can be amazing, so can I. We’re all humans. We were all born as babies who couldn’t do anything. We can all achieve greatness. Anything else is an excuse.

The question is just, how much are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to, as in my example, leave your dysfunctional family life, or are you not? 

Don’t stay where you are out of guilt. 

A few years ago, I could’ve left my family with ease, but things changed over the years. I changed. I learned guilt.

But don’t be guilty. Even if you are, don’t let it control you. It’s a recipe for misery and regret. Don’t be that bitter person who, at 70 years old, when everyone they felt guilty for is gone, is still saying “What if…”. It’s not you.

Let go and soar. Leave the wrong people in your heart, but remove them from your physical presence. You are worth it. You deserve better. 

At the moment, you are a reflection of them, whether you want it or not, so go and find the right mirror, the right people to be the reflection of. 

Thank you for reading!

Jocelin Dawn 

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