The Answer Came To Me

What do I want? What exactly do I want?

I want a continuous flow of large amounts of money coming in (millions of dollars) regularly and a comfortable life.

Who doesn’t? 

Anyway, wanting it is one thing. Getting it is another. 

As I was applying for freelance writing jobs, I decided to state clearly that I am not open to fiction writing, even though that’s what I’m the most experienced in. Instead, I want to write content. My preferred topics are business, investment and finances. 

It dawned upon me that, in order to qualify for such jobs, I need skills.

It’s kinda funny, because I’ve always been wanting to start investing, but waiting for the day when I have money to put into it. I suppose I would magically learn how to do it by then.

In this blog, I’ve written several times about wanting to be an inspirational writer in the topics of success, wealth and self-development. How on earth was I going to achieve that with minimal knowledge about how to make money?

Reading books about motivation/ambition/success/money-making principles isn’t enough. I have to read about all the things I need to learn. Not reading about finances and investment is questionable. 

I have to get serious about learning how to invest in different areas, as well as the different technical terms and hacks in the world of money. And that starts today.

Ten thousand hours is what they say it takes to become an expert in something. Ten thousand focused hours.

If I start today, and spend about four hours a day, it will take me about seven years to master what I set out to master.

How do you master investment? Does the time spent reading count? At least in the beginning, it ought to, as there’s not much else to do.

Read, read, read.

Four hours a day isn’t a lot. It leaves plenty of time for all my other activities – farm, blog, social media, job search, and, most importantly, spending time with my husband. He’s not available until 11 pm my time anyway, since starting his new job yesterday. 

If I incorporate blogging into that time every now and then, by writing focused posts on related topics, I’ll get that done even faster. Efficiency is key to a life without meaningless frustration. 

So, to summarize, as of today, I have given myself a rough timeline of seven years to make my first million. Have not decided yet if it’s in usd or sek. Also have not researched the likelihood of it or anything like that, so it’s just a preliminary number. It may be changed to something higher or lower later on. The important thing is that I have a fixed time frame for my goal.

More milestones will be thought of along the way, as well as specifics on how to get that much money.

What I can do now is:

  1. Get a regular job (limited by the difficulty in getting a job due to covid).
  2. Find freelance jobs.
  3. Figure out how to get a social media following.
  4. Sell things through my farm business (limited by a severe lack of items to sell, which in itself is due to several limiting factors).
  5. While doing all of the above: Polish my current, relevant skills, and gain+master new skills.

I’m sure there is more, but this is what I can think of right now.

I will write more about my plan in future posts, but for now, this is enough. 

Thank you for reading, and here’s another video of my cute ducks:

Jocelin Dawn 

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