My Housewife Dream

I’ve been slacking off lately, but here I am again. The other day, I realized what I should be doing, and it’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do.

Actually, I’ve never had any lasting career ambitions. Work just never spoke to me. The whole lifestyle never appealed to me. What did, however, was being a housewife.

Not just any housewife – a lazy housewife. 

Now, there’s a reasoning behind my realization at this time, and that is that I’ve been acting as a complete jerk to my husband lately. I simply can’t handle trying to work too much. It turns me into a monster. 

Our relationship is important to me. The most important thing. So I needed to find a way to improve the situation. 

Happy wife, happy life.

As I was watching a romantic drama, I came to realize how much happier I am when there’s no pressure on me. Well, I suppose that’s the case for most people, but people are different. My husband, for instance, does not turn into a monster from working. He is always good to me.

The best I can do to show him love is taking it easy and relaxing more. Doing things I love makes me happy. That way, he’ll be happy too.

Of course, this doesn’t change our plans to have a farm business, but I will not do as much as originally planned. I will focus on my ducks and do most of the job with them, as well as our future puppies, while he does most of the heavy farm work.

I would also do marketing and sales, but it doesn’t burden me. It comes quite naturally to think of ways to improve sales and such. Farm work, however, while I love it, is too physical. I will do some of the lighter jobs, but to be honest, more than I thought is physically demanding. 

There’s nothing wrong with physically demanding, but I’ve always been small and weak. My sister who pretty much never works out, and barely did in our childhood, is stronger than me, who has always done some kind of sport or workout. I’m not genetically advantaged, you could say.

After having my ducklings and taking care of them, I’ve come to realize that I like taking care of babies. Maybe I even love it. Yeah, I do. I believe it will be no different with human babies. In fact, I wish I will have multiples.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted twins. At first from wanting a twin for myself, but now I also think it’ll be more fun with many. The more, the merrier.

Speaking of more, I candled my incubating duck eggs last night (day 15), and it turns out that 17 out of 20 eggs are still good. I thought it would be 13 or 14, but 17 whole eggs have live and growing ducklings moving around in them!

I really hope that all of them hatch. If they do, I will have 27 ducklings in total. That’s maybe 13 female, egg laying ducks. 7 less than my goal for this year, but still quite a number.

I do hope I get many females though, as I don’t know what to do with all the drakes.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned puppies, and that is because soon, I will try to mate my aunt’s silky terrier with a maltese male! I hope it will go well and smoothly.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I wasn’t originally planning to write, but didn’t have anything else to do while trying to fall back asleep after feeding and watering my ducks.

Here’s a new video of them, by the way:

Thank you for reading. 

Jocelin Dawn

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