About Us

Welcome To Our Couple/Family Blog!

We are Dreamy (25) and J (18), a couple in a long distance and age gap relationship.

I, Dreamy, am the writer in our relationship, so at any time when the word I appears, it refers to me, but both of us contribute with opinions and ideas.

I am 25 years old and a Master’s Degree Student. Currently studying Library and Information Science, but I’ve previously studied Chinese, Japanese and Literature. My Bachelor’s Degree was in literature.

I’m also a hobby writer, mainly writing first drafts, perhaps a second, but usually the second is so different that it’s almost a whole new story **sigh**

As a plant based eater I love eating healthy and learning about nutrition.

J is a high school student and the best husband ever (even though we’re not married yet).

He took karate lessons until recently, but switched to a gym instead, with the intention of being fit and healthy together (<3).

We want to share tips and advice on relationships, including sex life, and, eventually, family life (when we have our first little baby).

For info about how our relationship started, please read the Our Story page.