Our Story

You know how 7 is the Magic Number? Well, the age gap in our relationship is 7 Years and 7 Days, so that should attest to how Magical our story is 💞💖

In January 2017, our servers in SAO’s Legend (a game based on an anime) merged.

At the same time, I (Dreamy) started my University Degree in literature.

We had both been playing the game since September, 2016. He started a day after me, and since new servers opened every day, he was in the next one.

The first “miracle” was that none of us stopped playing the problem-ridden game before we had the chance to meet.

The servers were really small, so all of the active players were familiar with each other, chatting in the World/Guild Chats.

We were in different guilds (I in SK, he in KB – if you’re familiar with SAO), so the place where we met was in the World Chat.

It probably wasn’t until February that we first talked. I wasn’t an active chatter, but something made me feel compelled to respond to his words.

Since then, we talked sporadically and found it enjoyable — but only on a friendly level.

At the time, I was 22 and he 15, so there wasn’t anything romantic going on. We simply enjoyed talking to each other.

Soon enough, however, I became aware of developing feelings for him.

As you can imagine, I was both surprised and confused – I mean, a 15 year old? I had liked younger guys before, but even for me, that was too much.

Not to mention, I had just declared myself a lesbian.

When, and only when, I had lost the battle against my rational self, I began the pursuit.

I did this by starting a discord server for our game server, where we had the opportunity to talk more than we did in-game, and then suggesting an in-game marriage.

As I was one of the only active female players, I was quite popular, which not only livened up the server by creating entertainment, but also helped our budding relationship swing in the right direction.

After a while, other people started noticing that there was something between us. Maybe even before we did.

Our first marriage was in above-mentioned discord server, on the 22nd of April. The second was on May 10th, in the game.

In the beginning of June, we turned 23 and 16.

At this point, it was still a thing that mostly went on in the game, but it gradually turned into something more, and we actually talked about marriage IRL quite early (initiated by him — I never tried to push him into anything, and wasn’t sure whether I should take him seriously, knowing that teenagers have a tendency be unaccountable.)

At the time we met, he was a dropout, but in September that year, he started school again, after being told by me that I will only meet him IRL if he graduates high school. Now, he has less than a year left. It sounds harsh, but it was the right thing to do.

As the time went on, and we talked every day (eventually in our own, private discord server), we got to know each other more, and our relationship developed to what it is now.

Although our online friends were all supportive, they also came with warnings:

I was told not to trust him, but as I had been told similar things before, and regretted listening, which made me realize that other people don’t know my situation better than me, and that I should be the judge in my life, I went against all logic and, well, here we are.

Not listening to other people was one of the best decisions in my life.

Because I truly believe that I couldn’t find a better person to spend my life with.

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