Together is Better

Our Mission

We want to create a community of likeminded people.

We stand for love, family and happiness. Minimalism is something we love, but so is cool new stuff that are useful to us.

An ideal world to us is a place where people can enjoy life more and work less. We want life to be joyful and worth living.

About Us

We are a long distance couple who are eager to get married IRL and create our life together. 

I, Dreamy, am the main writer of this blog, and also run a newly started fitness YouTube channel (starting soon), with plans to upload a variety of exercise videos, but mainly yoga, pilates and stretching. 

My certifications are in Feng Shui and languages, so I will not claim that I am a certified instructor (yet!), but I have practised yoga for several years and been suggested to teach by several old yoga teachers. 

I may not be certified, but it has been my passion for a long time to learn about exercise and nutrition. As a child I practised figure skating and dance. 

In this blog, I will mainly write about my thoughts and opinions. Some guidance, if it applies to you. It’s all I consider I have to offer to the vast world of the internet. Something for the collective conscious.

I may write about relationships and that type of thing as well. Life in general, what I find useful. We will see.

My future husband will most likely not write in this blog, but he exists in the background.